Our mission and our track record is to build legacy enterprises.

ABC Laboratories

“Celerity is a trusted adviser of mine and an important resource for ABC Labs.  Since Celerity Partners became an investor in our organization, we have transformed our company from a small, relatively unknown provider of regulated services to a mid-size competitor capable of impacting the industry and ready for the next phase in our evolution.”

— John D. Bucksath

CEO, ABC Laboratories

We and our executive partners have built market leaders since 1995.

All Aboard America

“Celerity has been the best capital partner to execute a buy and build strategy for the motorcoach industry… [they] have led the acquisition effort providing due diligence, business modeling, capital sourcing and contract negotiation, leaving operating management free to run the business.”

— Craig Lentzsch

CEO and Chairman All Aboard America Holdings, Inc.;
Former CEO of Greyhound and Coach America

We have grown to scale companies in multiple industries – sometimes from very modest beginnings.

Peer 1 Networks

“[Celerity’s] quick study and decision making ability were critical in building Peer 1 into the leader it is today.  Celerity’s ability to quickly recognize the opportunity, back management’s vision and execute on the deal were key to our success.”

— Geoff Hampson

CEO Peer 1 Networks