Our Core Values

In a private equity industry overfunded with capital and overpopulated with financial analysts we have deliberately kept our numbers small and our focus on operating capability.

We are not an institution. We specialize, in the business arena, in asymmetric warfare. We come from families who haven’t worked for anyone but themselves for several generations. Our core competency, and our passion, is building businesses to scale and eminence in their industry. We are powered by our executives, our partners, and our investors. We are, above all, a catalyst.

We are a culture of accountability, for our executives, our boards, our capital partners –and ourselves. We honor the contracts we sign, both in spirit and to the letter. We place the highest value on the integrity of our executives, and we insist on it in our firm. We believe in hard work.  We are accessible 24x7x365. We invest personally, in the company of our executives and our investors, in every project—without exception.