Our Investors

Our investors, like our executives, are several standard deviations from the norm. They are not pension fund managers. Many of them have built and currently manage their own businesses. And like our executives, and in fact ourselves, they are entrepreneurs.

They range from a family with sizeable holdings of oil and gas and banking interests in the Midwest to the head of a family based in Basel, Switzerland that owns and operates one of the largest manufacturers of food processing equipment in the world to a former junior private equity principal who now manages the assets, in a business he founded, of families from Bahrain and Dubai to the owners and partners of several large scale, active funds.

In addition to their capital, they often contribute their experience, their network, and their energy to our companies. They often sit on our boards. In certain projects, they are important members of the team.



Chris Frigon of The Family Office, a Celerity Partners investor, kicking the tires on another deal.