April 25, 2009

Analytical Bio-Chemistry Laboratories Acquires Leading Residue Lab


April 25, 2009–Analytical Bio-Chemistry Laboratories Acquires Leading Residue Lab COLUMBIA, MISSOURI–Analytical Bio-Chemistry Laboratories, Inc., (ABC) of Columbia, Missouri, announced today the merger of Morse Laboratories of Sacramento, California. The merger strengthens ABC’s position as a premier provider in the area of pesticide residue chemistry services. Residue analytical chemistry is required as part of field programs to assess potential safety and environmental impacts of pesticides. These studies are required by governmental agencies in the U.S. and abroad.

This merger is good for both companies, our clients and our employee,” said Byron E. Hill, President and CEO of ABC. “It adds to ABC’s expertise in residue chemistry, expands the company’s geographical footprint and client base, and increases our market share. Morse customers will enjoy the greater breadth of services and capacity that ABC brings to the table.”

Gary and Andrea Westberg, who purchased Morse Laboratories in 1984, will continue with ABC Laboratories along with 28 other Morse scientists. “We’ve enjoyed the past 25 years building this business. It’s a good time to bring in someone to take the business to the next level – and we’re confident that the Morse and ABC Laboratories’ cultures will mesh nicely,” said Mr. Westberg.

According to Scott Ward, Senior Vice President and General Manager of ABC’s Chemical Services division, Morse Laboratories will continue to do business under the same name. “Morse is a good business backed by great scientific talent and strong reputation.” Mr. Ward went on to say that the Morse operation will benefit from the significant investments that ABC has made in business systems and processes. Morse Laboratories, LLC will increase ABC’s Chemical Services division annual revenues by about 30 percent.

About ABC Laboratories, Inc.

Analytical Bio-Chemistry (ABC) Laboratories is a GLP- and CGMP-compliant product development partner serving the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Since 1968, it has delivered expert scientific support to companies working to develop environmentally safe products that improve human and animal health.

About Morse Laboratories, Inc.

Established in 1935, Morse Laboratories, Inc. is recognized as a respected, GLP-compliant analytical laboratory. Morse assists pesticide manufacturers with registration and re-registration programs by providing a variety of residue testing services required by the EPA, PMRA and OECD.