December 15, 2016

Celerity Partners Exits Streamline Circuits

Celerity Partners has sold its remaining minority interest in Streamline Circuits Corporation (“Streamline” or “the Company”) to management. Celerity Partners III has been an investor in the Company since its inception with the acquisition of a small plant with nominal revenues in the Silicon Valley. At the time of our exit, management had grown Streamline to over $40 million in revenues. Celerity had previously partnered with Streamline management in DDi, a Celerity Partners I and II portfolio company owned in conjunction with Bain Capital, which grew from $60 million in revenues in 1996 at the time of our acquisition of the platform to over $330 million at the time of its IPO in 2000.

Streamline Circuits is a leading manufacturer of time-critical, complex, high layer count printed circuit boards headquartered in Santa Clara, CA.