December 16, 2009

DS Waters Acquires O Premium Waters 

Sparkletts/Sierra Springs Acquires OWaters Water Company

PHOENIX, Dec. 16 /PRNewswire/ — Sparkletts/Sierra Springs bottled water delivery is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with OWaters, LLC (O’Premium Water Products) to acquire the assets of OWaters home and office bottled water delivery and filtration service business. As these two companies combine resources, Sparkletts/Sierra Springs will assume management of the bottled water delivery and filtration operations for both companies. As a result of combining these two companies and the addition of new water delivery service routes to the company’s roster, Sparkletts/Sierra Springs will be able to enhance its investment in the local economy and continue to provide unsurpassed customer service.

“Sparkletts/Sierra Springs is committed to provide outstanding customer service and a safe, high quality bottled drinking water,” said John Gilliam Area Manager, Arizona. “With the acquisition of OWaters, we will be able to expand the reach of our bottled water delivery and filtration service options to ensure we continue our rich history of superior customer service. We welcome these new members to our Sparkletts/Sierra Springs family.”

Sparkletts/Sierra Springs offers its water delivery service, filtration and coffee services to local homes and businesses throughout the Phoenix, Chandler, Mesa and surrounding communities while also providing distribution of smaller bottles to local grocery stores and outlets. For more information, please visit

About Sparkletts/Sierra Springs: Sparkletts(R) was founded in Los Angeles, California in 1925 and Sierra Springs was founded in Sacramento, California in 1950. Since then, these brands have held the distinction of being some of the country’s finest providers of pure, refreshing water. Bottled water drinkers have made Sparkletts and Sierra Springs favored brands whether they’re at home, at work or enjoying leisure activities. Learn more about what makes Sparkletts/Sierra Springs bottled water the best bottled water delivery and filtration service choice for your family, your business, and your lifestyle at

About DS Waters: Created in 2003, DS Waters is the producer and distributor of home, office, and retail bottled water products across the United States under the brand names Alhambra(R), Belmont Springs(R), Crystal Springs(R), Hinckley Springs(R), Kentwood Springs(R), Nursery(R) Water, Sierra Springs(R) and Sparkletts(R), and Roast2Coast(R), a coffee delivery service. The company, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is the U.S. leader in home and office water delivery, focusing on five gallon, one gallon and single serve bottled water products. Water is bottled at 26 manufacturing facilities and then delivered to millions of homes and offices, as well as retail establishments across the country. DS Waters employs approximately 4,700 Associates in 40 states.

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